Every producer strives
to find a good value to
their products.

Our goal is to inspire healthy life by providing 100% Natural, Native and Authentic products.


We are trying to keep the cost low and still ensure the small-scale producers that we support get a fair price by unlocking wholesale prices so you can stock up your favorite items at an affordable price.


We buy directly from local sources. Most of the items that we source are from organic and biodynamic farmers, which means fewer chemicals in our soils and our waterways. Our Belief is “What you eat is what you are “.


Everything is ordered fresh so it may take a few days or so for your order to come in but then it is shipped out the day it arrives.


Quality, Authenticity, and Honesty are Our Code of Ethics, and We take pride in following them at every step of the way consciously.


We strive for eco-friendly and sustainability. We use recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable packaging and still ensure the items are safe and intact.


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At Aalamroots we are constantly and continuously working to be more sustainable.


When we first set out to build our headquarters, we wanted to choose a location that would impact the local economy in a positive way and make sure our company was mindful of its carbon footprint. 


We embrace the safe and ethical sourcing of our materials. This means that all suppliers must pass a rigorous evaluation of their processes prior to working with us.

Our Values


Honest and transparent products and labels


Staying true to our vision, our mission, and core beliefs


Striving for human health and a healthy planet too


Consistently pursuing excellence

We love our work

Our goal is to create a product and service that you’re satisfied with and use every day. Therefore, we are constantly working on our services to make them better every day and really listen to what our customers have to say.